Bernard Botejue Industries (Pvt) Ltd

106 Dutugemunu Street Dehiwela
Sri Lanka 011 754 8780 / 1

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    Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics
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Company Background

This is the story of a visionary, a pioneer, an entrepreneur and a legend. Bernard Botejue believed in realising his dream and etched a pathway to spearhead an industry into a brand that today, nearly seven decades later, remains a formidable name in the apparel trade.

A learned yet humble man, Bernard Botejue began his career as a Library Assistant at the Ceylon Medical College. However, the turning point in his career emerged when he took up a posting as a Supervisor at Ceylon Hosiery Company. In just a few years, his entrepreneurial spirit had sparked and by 1948, he launched his own hosiery manufacturing company. This was the genesis of Bernard A Botejue Company, with just one knitting machine and three sewing machines to manufacture men's vests manned by a team of six including the founder himself, who functioned as the knitting machine operator and was responsible for fabric bleaching using firewood as the energy source. Times were tough as imports were popular but always undaunted, the Company's success knew no bounds. In just one year since its launch, the Company's illustrious team had grown to 38.

Another milestone was reached when Bernard wed Hema in 1955, whose amiable personality and business acumen was surely an asset to the young man's dreams of success. By 1967, the business transformed and became Bernard Botejue Industries Limited. The forward march thus planned for the Company was augmented when Hema was conferred a scholarship by The Colombo Plan for a six month training programme in Germany. The Botejue's astute management style was well evidenced when the business continued to flourish despite their absence for six months, given the hand picked dynamic managers who motivated their teams. When the Botejues returned to Sri Lanka fuelled with plans and dreams, they quickly set about expanding the business, venturing into manufacturing knitted garments, from ladies' blouses to men's Polo shirts to underwear and socks.

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