Cantec Printing and Packaging (Pvt) Ltd

No 186, Nawala Road, Nawala, Rajagiriya

Sri Lanka 0775 457 644

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    Advertising, Arts, Printing & Media
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Company Background

CanTec Printing & Packag (Pvt) Ltd is the Pioneer metal printer and can maker in SriLanka which commerced buisness in 2005 as a fully owened subsidairy of the diversified congglomerate Silicone Holdings .We provide best packaging soloution in the fastest manner possible,being customer Focused.

CanTec aims to achieve the total customer satisfaction by being the leading company in terms of reliability, innovation and competitivesness in its markets.Our innovative , customer focused approach has helped make us the acknowladge leader in the metal packaging industry Sri Lanka.

Now CanTec has grown in to the largest Specialized modern enterprice in Sri Lanka by maintaining the highhest standerds and offering a comprehensive client Service.

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