AMSK Constructions (Pvt) Limited

No. 1/29 , New Town, Madampe

Sri Lanka 0322249234

Company Background

As a perfect testament to the old saying that, all great things has small beginnings AMSK commenced operations at the turn of the 21st century as a sub-contractor of the celebrated Korean construction company ‘Keangnam Enterprises’.

From the initial sub-contract works the name of the company became quite distinguished among the local construction community mainly due to the praises that AMSK received from project employers and stakeholders who became quite impressed by the quality of the workmanship on time execution and strict compliance to employer requirements /specifications. So naturally it didn’t took much time to reach the good word of mouth among the construction industry in regards to the capabilities and capacity of AMSK to execute construction endeavours within satisfactory time, cost and quality parameters.

Though, an infant among the giants of construction industry at that time we were reached by some of the most prominent names in the industry such as Keangnam Enterprises Limited & China Harbour Engineering Company Limited, whom has immediately assigned us as their nominated main sub-contractor for some prominent and suitably massive scale building and highway construction projects contract prices of which exceeded Rs. 1800 million cumulatively.

With the company gaining momentum with the collaboration with international construction consortium it was time for a pragmatic shift into the mainstream construction realm and It was at this point of time that the Managing Director of AMSK decided to compete in public procurement scene with more prominent local construction organizations. With a sure foot in public procurement scene AMSK managed to become onee of the few companies that was fortunate to obtain the C-1 grade in the first attempt and without having to upgrade from a lower grade to a higher grade.

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