Amana Takaful PLC

No. 660 – 1/1, Galle Road, Colombo 03

Sri Lanka 11 7501000

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Company Background

Takaful is derived from the Arabic root-word “kafala” which means Mutual Protection and Joint Guarantee. Operationally, Takaful refers to participants contributing mutually to a common pool, for the purpose of mutual indemnity in the case of peril or loss. This arrangement is obligated through the tenets of Islamic Shariah.

With these ideals, Amãna Takaful was incorporated as a Public Company for the purpose of Composite Insurance in Sri Lanka in 1999, with technical collaboration from Takaful Malaysia. Listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange since 2006, Amãna Takaful has expanded its geographic foot-print through 25 branches in the country. Our overseas branch operation in the Republic of Maldives since 2005,was incorporated as a free standing PLC listed on the MSE in 2011.

With the growth of the Takaful way of Insurance, we now count astaff strength of 400 plus, offering products and services tailored to the discerning diversity of the businesses and communities we serve.

Amãna Takaful has received ISO 9001 accreditation

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