C.A. Crushing - Pvt Ltd.

134, Havelock Road, Colombo 05

Sri Lanka 0115939361

Company Background

Stepping on to a revolutionizing path in 1986, C.A. & Co., grew as a competitor in haulage, sale and rental of construction equipment, operation of metal quarries and metal crushing business. Appearing as a major contributor in civil engineering services to some of the leading hydroelectric projects in Sri Lanka, C.A. & Co., was a giant in the making.

However in 1995, the company diverted its attention towards operating metal quarries and yet again showcased their performance on a number of projects which made headlines in the recent past. Gradually, the company set its foot on a much more advanced metal crushing course, introducing the concept of Manufactured Sand and High Quality Aggregates.

Today, their newly formed business entity, C.A. Crushing, is a pioneer in the metal crushing business, proud to announce a production rate of 150 tons of Manufactured Sand per hour in their own plant which commenced operations in March, 2014.

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