APSS International Networks (Pvt) Ltd

Nelson Pl Colombo
Western Province

Sri Lanka 0772306642

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    Information & Communication Technology
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Company Background

APSS International, high sense of responsibility linked to the chain of genuinely, sincerity, awareness of those who have come on board for a right Engineering future of their higher educational career for share of ‘Quality’ knowledge and expertise are key notes of Vision of APSS International.

Second to none, competitive, outstanding, high lighting excellence in oriented technology in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, (Construction Industry) and Quantity Surveying injected infused at the appropriate time and again when necessary to achieve ones goal has been the final mission, which APSS International has achieved within the spell of tenure of educational tutorial service to the future nation builders in Civil, Electrical & Electronics and Telecommunication in Sri Lanka. The winning of the first Gold Medal is the recorded for fame and reputation.

APSS International staffs are well versed, experienced, full qualified with expertise and knowledge in the field of training individually are excellent in their performance.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering , Telecommunication System, Construction Industry, Quantity Surveying and Mechanical Engineering courses followed full time and part time by students who are employed or either to migrate to enhance their knowledge, complete their degree which is open to their choice.

APSS International also on humanitarian thought and compassion, on certain instances allow the facility to payment on statement of those students who are in distress a special concession

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