Bankhill Edu Care (Pvt) Ltd

No. 82, Barnes Place, Colombo 7

Sri Lanka 777278741

Company Background

he health, happiness, and livelihood of a child are our utmost priorities. We believe in providing a safe and nurturing environment for every child and we strongly believe in allowing children to express themselves however they wish. At Educare’s daycare and preschool, we foster early childhood development by allowing our tiny ones to be who they are – children. Every child is unique and they all learn in unique ways. Bankhill Educare encourages this form of learning by providing a setting for your child to explore their minds and capabilities as and how they like. The care and affection shown to a child during their initial stages of development will, in the long run, define who they become. We want all our children to grow up to be remarkable individuals, so we make sure to display as much love and warmth as we possibly can when we handle them. Bankhill Educare is a leader in childcare of the highest standard. With us, your child will always be safe, loved, and treasured

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