Adhvan Tours ( Pvt) Ltd

No,129 dutugamunu street Dehiwala

Sri Lanka 0112 199 920

Company Background

Adhvan Tours is a specialist destination management company who represents tour operators from Europe and Asia who have a presence in Sri Lanka. We offer our clients a unique holiday experience with our personalized service, excursions and transport services.

Adhvan Tours is a part of Tisara, a group of companies with extensive holdings in the leisure and tourism sector. A company that began in printing and publishing sector in 1964, Tisara Group has now diversified into leisure and tourism, real estate development, import-export, information technology and ecommerce. Tisara Group owns and manages some of the largest resorts and shopping centers in the country.

Adhvan's sister company Tisara Investments manages Long Beach Resort, Koggala Beach Hotel, Club Koggala Village and Tisara Villas, 4 resorts with a total of more than 450 rooms. Their latest project, Tisara Spa, is now in the planning phase. Tisara Group's other businesses include Tisara Plaza, a 125,000 square foot shopping and office complex in the southern suburbs of Colombo. Their IT and ecommerce division manages the largest distance learning platform in Asia.

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